Warrington Dolphins
Long Distance Swimming Club
Warrington Dolphins
Long Distance Swimming Club

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British Club Web-sites
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East Dorset Open Water SC
Scarborough SC
Warrington Swimming & Water Polo Club
St Helens SC
Serpentine SC
Wigan B.E.S.T SC
Jersey Long Distance SC
Marbury SC & Pool
British Swimming Organisation Web-sites
British Long Distance Swimming Association (BLDSA)
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Channel Swimming & Pilots Federation
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Open Water Swimmer's Websites
Kerri Ann Payne
Alison Streeter
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OpenWater Swimmer (Formaly H2 Open water Magazine)
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Warrington Tri Club

Sea Temperatures around Britain
Liverpool Bay Sea Temperatures
Channel Swimmers
Nantwich open air brine pool
Overseas Swimming Web-sites
International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame
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