Warrington Dolphins
Long Distance Swimming Club
Warrington Dolphins
Long Distance Swimming Club

 Summary History of the Club – 1964 to 1973



Mileage 88 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Bob Keating 28miles



Founder members

Mrs. E. I. Anderson (Sunny Lowry), Bill Anderson, Ian Thompson, Robert Keating, Arthur Williams, Susan Shallcross, Ces Shallcross and Christina Genge.



Notable Swims Members of the Club trained over winter using weights and training in early June swimming up to 7miles. In early July the winter training paid dividends when 2 members (Susan Shallcross and Ian Thompson) swam Coniston.


Bob Keating a few weeks later went to swim Ullswater but found that a regatta was taking place, so Bob and his supporters quickly went to Windermere to ‘have a go’ and finished the swim in 8hr 56mins, becoming the first Dolphin to swim Windermere.


Susan Shallcross completed Bala one way. On the 2 way Bala all three gents entered but Ian Thompson retired with a groin trouble and Arthur Williams with cramp. Bob Keating finished in 4hr 27mins.


The first sea swim entered by Bob Keating and Ian Thompson was Sandsend- Whitby Championship. They finished 4th and 7th respectively.


Arthur Williams swam Coniston in 4hrs 8mins after passing John Slater, the Secretary of the BLDSA, who was swimming a 2 way Coniston.


Sue also finished 2nd in the Morecambe Inshore Championship.


In August and September Ian Thompson and Arthur Williams swam Bala 1 way and Susan swam it 2 ways, together with swam Coniston.


Christina Genge, on her 1st long swim, finished 4th with only 3 weeks training.


Recognition None recorded


Other items Bob Keating celebrated his 21st birthday on the 18th August.


At the end of the season the membership had risen to eight, of which five were qualified Pilot Life-savers.




Mileage 47 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Christina Genge 19miles


New members The membership was now 10 swimmers making a total of 15 when including all members.


Notable Swims Chris Carter swims in open water for the first time, when he competed in the first Pickmere swim.


The most outstanding swim of the year was Chris Carter’s attempt on


Coniston. A description of the swim contained the following quote ‘a most promising youngster who swam his first real long distance swim Coniston in really cold water. After 5miles without saying a word of complaint, Coach Mrs Anderson ordered him from the water’.


Recognition Christina Genge was accredited with the Dolphin swimmer of the year. She set new records at Coniston, Bala 1 way and 2 way, Whitby and Trentham swimming Breaststroke.


The most promising Junior was identified as Alan Humphries (15) who won Fairhaven.


Other items After only one year of existence the Club undertook to organise and run its own swim (Pickmere), a swim open to swimmers from across the country. This major exercise for a relatively inexperienced Club proved to be major success.


The Club now owns 16 rowing boats and a trailer. Six members of the club are BLDSA Pilot Lifesavers.



Mileage 105 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Christina Genge 47 miles


New members The membership was now 21.


Notable Swims Chris Carter is the 1st Dolphin home in the Pickmere Championship.


Recognition The Club’s swimmer of the year was Christina Genge, who won Ladies Championships at the Double Tay, was runner up in every other Championship that she entered. She represented England in the International Windermere Championship, finishing 2nd place. She also set up several new ladies Breaststroke records.


Other items Chris Carter ‘a much improved swimmer’ passes his Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, of which swimming Coniston formed part of the award.


Chris Carter’s mother, who was on the Executive Board of the Dolphins, was appointed Chairman of the Northern and Scottish Division of the Swimming Teacher’s Association of Great Britain and the Commonwealth.


Bob Keating visited Texas USA to check out water temperatures.


At the Pickmere Championships, Trophies were presented by Mr. A. Laverick, Warrington Baths Manager.


Club President William Anderson retires.


The Club now has 10 BLDSA Pilot Lifesavers.




Mileage 116 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Chris Carter 33 miles


New members John Heapy


Notable Swims Susan Shallcross sets a new Backstroke record on Bala.


Chris Carter swims an individual Ullswater with his sister Brenda rowing.

On his first Windermere swim Chris Carter was lying in 4th place with a mile to go when he was forced to retire.


Recognition None recorded


Other items The Pickmere Championship had a new course, which was 3 circuits instead of the previous 2. There were also 70 entries for this the 3rd Pickmere, which was double the previous year.


A good 1st years swimming was made by John Alexander and Jeffrey Goulden. Additionally, consistent swimming was seen from that amiable character John Heapy.


Bob Keating didn’t swim due to illness, which dragged on for seven months. This included 2 stays in hospital.


There were now 14 BLDSA Pilot Lifesavers in the Club.




Mileage 180 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Chris Carter 54 miles


New members Notable Swims Recognition Other items




Mileage 271 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer John Heapy 45 miles


New members Not recorded


Notable Swims “I’ve done it”. “I made it”. “Yippee I finished it”.  “ At last I got there”.  “After four attempts I did it”. “I swam Windy-Mere”. No wonder John Heapy got “sloshed” at the Windermere Reception. He at last achieved his ambition of conquering Windermere and it was one of the most popular accomplishments of the season.


Chris Carter swam Belfast Lough and Windermere.


Alan Humphries, described to be in his first “come back” season, swam Ullswater.


Recognition None recorded

Other items Twenty swimmers from the Club competed this season.


Members completing their first swims were Wendy Ferguson, Marjorie Shallcross, Tom Overs, John Lawton (current ASA Director of Education) and


Barry Robinson. Better luck was wished to Colin Savage and Maurice Ferguson who both froze up at Pickmere.


Frank Clarke was forced to retire due to hunger-starvation at Coniston.


The Club Secretary (John Alexander) wrote this, “it’s a bit off-putting when my 15 year old daughter (Janice Alexander) can say ‘I did Windermere and you didn’t’”.


Bill Anderson resigns as BLDSA Pilot Life-saver Secretary, which he founded in 1960.




Mileage 289 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Dilys Beynon 41 miles


New members Not recorded


Notable Swims Chris Carter swum International Windermere Championship, Torbay and 2 way Coniston. However, he was disappointed with his 2 way Windermere attempt.


Billy Dutton in his first season as a Dolphin won Swansea-Mumbles Championship.


Christina Genge set a new Breaststroke record in the Ebro Championship, Spain. The President John Heapy also swam in this Championship.


Sixteen Dolphins swam in the Pickmere Championships, 3 junior ladies, 3 senior ladies and 10 senior men.


The Club had a major success in the Morecambe Bay Relay, where we had 2 teams competing. The first team (Billy Dutton, Chris Carter and Ian Thompson) finished 2nd. The 'B' team swimming Breaststroke (John Alexander, Maurice Ferguson and Barry Robinson) finished 5th.


John Howecraft had numerous disappoints in the season but was successful on Windermere. He decided to hang up his goggles and retire from the sport. During his 4 years with the Club he completed Championships at Morecambe Bay, Ullswater and Windermere.


Alan Humphries had a promising start to the season but a leg injury forced him to retire on Windermere.


Ces Shallcross is the coach of the Club and managed to increase the training time in the baths to 3 hours per week.


Recognition None recorded


Other items Membership in now at 31.


The Boxing Day dip guests were Hamilton Bland, ASA National Technical Officer & coach to the Olympic squad and Alfred Harland Past President of Cheshire County Water Polo and Swimming Association.


Dave Bernard got engaged to Mary Muir, as did Barry Robinson to Sue Dutton. Dave Bernard was also selected to play Water Polo for Cheshire County.




Mileage 377 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Dilys Beynon 82 miles


New members Not recorded


Notable Swims Arthur Williams became the second oldest person to swim Windermere after four previous attempts. He was then able to put the BLDSA badge on the blazer he bought 6 years previously.


Chris Carter swims a 2 way Windermere.


Club President John Heapy became the first person to complete a BLDSA Championship on Butterfly. This was the 3mile at Trentham. He also swam River Ebro in Spain and a 2 way Coniston.


Billy Dutton and Jill Adey also swam River Ebro.


Maurice Ferguson pioneered the first River Weaver Swim from Hunts lock to Hartford lock and back.


Dilys Beynon made a record-braking swim from Minorca to Majorca.


Recognition None recorded


Other items Billy Dutton came 6th in the Ebro swim, which is surprising since he broke his arm shortly after winning the Morecambe Inshore Championship, because he was unable to stay on his motorcycle. Nevertheless, the accident didn't deter him and the Club members were not surprised to see him training in the pool with his arm in plaster. The first time he did this the plaster got wet and fell off. The Casualty Department were not amused.


Chris Carter on the morning before his 2 way Windermere swim took sleeping pills in order to sleep in the daytime. However, this didn't induce sleep until he was half way down the lake at about 2 o'clock the following morning with the almost disastrous results. He also helped his crew tremendously in their duties of keeping watch over him by sporting a BLACK cap and goggles.


Christina Genge became engaged to John Swift on Windermere.


Dave Barnard married Mary Mair.


Past member John Poole (aged 17) passed away.




Mileage 531 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Chris Carter 111miles


New members Not recorded


Notable Swims John Heapy swam Coniston then Bala on Fly, setting inaugural records at both.


Dilys Beynon broke the record for her swim from Minorca to Majorca. (did she swim it twice)


Recognition Jill Adey was presented with Warrington Sports Woman of the Year.


Other items Chris Carter planned an attempt on the Channel, but it had to be cancelled due to bad weather.


In the Annual report Maurice Ferguson was noted to have improved and achieved Windermere, whereas in 1969 he was unable to finish a 3mile swim.


Also in the annual report it was noted that Billy Dutton was disqualified for alleged walking in the ASA 5mile race, the Club proposed to buy him a pair of walking boots in preparation for the following season. Billy cadged a sandwich from some picnickers on the shore then proceeded to "take a few steps" while eating it. He is noted for stopping when he feels hungry!


From the BLDSA Annual Report on the River Ebro swim in Spain, a swimmer came 5th. He appears to come from our Club's, ‘Wilhelm Duttonio’.




Mileage 526 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Chris Carter 93 miles


New members Paul Tew, Kevin Ferguson, Carole Monks, Gina Clarke, Elaine Jordan, Janet Quayle, Russ Holbrook, John Humphries and Dick Dickinson.


Notable Swims Excluding Sunny Lowry, Chris Carter became the first Dolphin to swim the channel in 14hrs 33mins.


Dilys Beynon failed on her second attempt to swim the channel. John Heapy completed the Ebro swim in Spain on Butterfly.

Recognition Princess Alexandra gave Sonny Lowry a life membership of the Royal Life Saving Society.


Other items Wendy Ferguson was 18.


Summary History of the Club – 1974 to 1983



Mileage 817 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Kevin Murphy 109miles


New members Anthony Rea, Stephen Savage, Vince Doyle and Dave Ellis


Notable Swims Paul Tew swam Windermere 2 way.

Dilys Beynon is a member of a 2 way Channel Relay team, which broke the record.


Kevin Murphy announces that he will attempt a 3 way channel swim next year.


Recognition None recorded


Other items Wendy Ferguson and Fred James announce their engagement.




Mileage 862 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Kevin Murphy 141 miles.


New members Not recorded


Notable Swims Gina Clarke swum Coniston and sets a new Junior record of 2hours 33minutes.


Billy Dutton wins Windermere and Morecambe Bay. Dilys Beynon wins Morecambe Bay and came third in Windermere.


The Club organised its first successful Channel Relay Team to commemorate the Centenary of Captain Webs Channel Swim. The team was Billy Dutton, Chris Carter, Alan Humphries, Dilys Beynon, Pat Dawson, Gina Clarke, with reserves of Kevin Ferguson and Jean Wilkin.


Dilys Beynon failed to swim the Channel due to seasickness and Ken Bailey's Channel swim was cancelled due to bad weather.


Kevin Murphy attempted a three way Channel. Starting on Saturday morning Kevin was taken from the water after 52.5hours, on Monday evening due to deteriorating weather conditions, darkness and the fact that the boat had run out of batteries for the lights. After completing the two way crossing he was only seven miles from completing the three-way swim. He became the first person to swim a two-way channel and was described in the BLDSA Annual Report as ‘ the most outstanding British Swimmer of all time’. If this was not enough he still turned up at Windermere Championship the following Saturday, with a sore on the point of this shoulder where his stubble had rubbed a hole the previous weekend. He finished that swim in 6hours 15minutes.


Paul Tew was the last person to cross the channel in Captain Webs Centenary year. He completed the swim in 16hours 53minutes.


John Heapy fails in the deeps to be the first person to swim Windermere


Butterfly after 7hours due to rough water.


Recognition Warrington Borough Council named a road in the new housing estate of Hood Manor after Sunny. The road is Lowry Close.


Paul Tew and Margaret Smith shared the BLDSA special merit award.


Other items Chris Carter was the Morecambe Bay swim Secretary. The 'Flag Alpha' was under approval with the BLDSA.

Ces Shallcross resigned as Coach and Treasurer. Alan Humphries resigned as Secretary.


Kevin Murphy marries Jane.




Mileage 669 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Kevin Murphy 99 miles.


New members Not recorded


Notable Swims Chris Carter wins Loch Lomond and set a new record time, he also finished second at Trentham. He additionally set a new 2 way Coniston record time.


Kevin Murphy wins a challenge swim in Sidney Harbour against the Australian Champion (Des Renford). He became the first person to swim Loch Ness. He made another two attempt to swim the Channel 3 ways, retiring after 1 2/3 and 1 crossing respectively.  He has now swum the channel 7 times.  He also broke the record twice on the 17mile Wash swim.


At Morecambe Bay the Dolphins make up 9 of the 30 swimmers. Billy Dutton took the title for the third consecutive year. Gina Clarke was 2nd lady, Dilys Beynon was 3rd lady and Pat Dawson was 4th lady. Arthur Williams finished after five previous unsuccessful attempts. Gina Clarke is Arthur Williams’s granddaughter.


Billy Dutton retained his Windermere Championship.


Dilys Beynon is first lady in the 2 way Windermere Championship and sets a new record time.


Claire Allman in her first year as a senior wins 4 Championships and broke the record at Derwentwater and Waterloo.


Arthur Williams swam Coniston 2 ways and became the oldest person to have achieved it.


Margaret Smith set a new record for Breaststroke on Lough Neagh. John Heapy swam Kerrera to Oban on Butterfly.

Recognition None recorded


Other items Alan Humphries is the Insignia & Trophy Steward of the BLDSA. Chris Carter is Morecambe Bay Secretary.


On the BLDSA Pilot Lifesavers list, eleven out of the 70 are Dolphins.




Mileage 640 miles swam by club members - Top Swimmer Chris Carter 71 miles


New members Chris Green


Notable Swims The Club had an outstanding season winning 18 races, came 2nd in 6, 3rd in 13 and broke 9 records.


Kevin Ferguson swam Trentham 3 miles Fly setting a record. John Heapy swam Coniston Breaststroke setting a record.

Kevin Murphy swam the Channel twice, Capri to Naples and Sidney Harbour. Stephen Dockery and Claire Allman dominated the Juniors.

Margaret Smith swam from Downham Market to King’s Lynn (9 miles) and set an inarguable record.


Recognition Mrs E. I. Anderson and Mr. Ces Shallcross were made the first Life Members of the Club.


Other items Mr. Ken Bailey was nominated for election to the BLDSA executive committee.


Arthur Williams is 60 years old.


The BLDSA held a Biatholon, which consisted of a 2.5mile run and a 300m swim. Billy Dutton finished 48th taking 4:00 for the swim and 18:42 for the run.




Mileage 804 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Chris Green 79 miles


New members Not recorded


Notable Swims Stephen Dockery collected 8 first places, 3 second and broke 4 records. In one fine individual swim he captured both the Junior record and British Men's Senior record for Windermere.


Trevor Symmons a distant member took part in the 1st round the Isle of Wight relay.

Chris Green claimed the World Record for Loch Earn on Breaststroke. Alan Humphries had to postpone his Channel swim due to an injury.

Billy Dutton won Morecambe Bay for the 4th time.


Claire Allman was again dominant in the Juniors winning seven


Championships taking four records. Ron Evans took 3 wins and 3 seconds.

Lillian Brooks-Bell won the 2way Bala Championship.



Other items The Club had an exceptional year winning 26 races, taking 15 seconds, 7 thirds and braking 11 records.


Fred James and Wendy Ferguson got married.


Bill Anderson passed away on 5/12/78. He was a founder member and was the first President of the Club. He was also the founder Secretary of the BLDSA Pilot Lifesaver Scheme.




Mileage 790 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Stephen Dockery 117 miles


New members Not recorded


Notable Swims The Club had a good year winning 14 races, taking 9 seconds, 11 thirds.


At the age of 16, Stephen Dockery swam the Channel in 9hr 40mins. He became the fastest Briton to cross from England to France and was only 5 minutes slower than the record from France to England. He also gained 7 first places, 2-second places and 3 third places. He also swam for the BLDSA in Spain and completed an individual 2 way Windermere.


Trevor Symmons swam as a member of the Thames Relay team, during which he swam a total of 18miles.


Many members were disappointed while attempting to swim the Channel, including Chris Green and Paul Tew.


Paul Gwatkin (11 years old) swam Coniston as a solo in 3:08:00. This swim was not recognised by the BLDSA as the minimum age for recognition is 12 years.


Fred James in his 1st full season won Pickmere and Warwickshire Handicaps. Claire Allman won Pickmere and represented the BLDSA in Belgium.

Recognition None recorded


Other items Bill Dutton produced a monthly newsletter for the Club.


Maurice Ferguson after an operation to relieve a trapped nerve in his hip, spent five days in hospital then two and half weeks before doctor told him not to swim until the scar tissue was the same colour as the surrounding area. Maurice’s diary contains the follow entry related to that medial opinion “Bloody rubbish”.

He went out an bought waterproof plasters and was back in the pool the next


day swimming two miles every day until Coniston Veterans. The Club’s Annual Report also reported on a mishap related to ‘Hang Gliding', but that’s another story.


John Peers married Gail in December.


Chris Carter got married but apart from managing to swim, he found time to be Team manager for representatives in Holland and Spain.


Maurice Ferguson resigns as Pickmere Championship Secretary after doing the job for seven years.





Mileage 931 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Paul Tew 130 miles


New members Not recorded


Notable Swims Paul Tew won the 2 way Windermere Championship.


Chris Green swam a 2 way Morecambe Bay.


Sue Johnson sets Junior records on Windermere, Morecambe Bay on Breaststroke and Ullswater on Freestyle.


Morecambe Bay Championship was cancelled due to bad weather. An alternative swim was held in a local swimming pool, which Stephen Dockery won.


Four members of the Dolphins attempted to swim the Channel this year. Helen Driver won Bala Junior Championship.

Lillian Brooks-Bell won Invergowrie and became the oldest lady to swim Windermere.


The Dolphin’s team in the International Trials came second.


Recognition Susan Johnson was presented with the BLDSA Tom Butcher Trophy.


Other items Paul Tew marries Fiona.


It was reported that Maurice Ferguson was still thinking of tackling a 2 way Windermere after his Torbay success in taking 1:15 of his previous best time.


Fred James won the Dolphin's own Superdolphin competition, which was based on the TV series Superstars.

Alan Humphries is Secretary of the BLDSA.


Billy Dutton gets his Pickmere entry form in on time this year.




Mileage 1088 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Chris Green 123 miles


New members Not recorded


Notable Swims John Heapy swam Coniston 2 ways Backstroke setting yet another inarguable record.


Recognition Maurice Ferguson was awarded the Anderson Trophy for his services to the Club as Pickmere Secretary for the last seven years.


Helen Driver was presented with the BLDSA Elise Brook Trophy


Other items The Club had an excellent season collecting 25 first places, 23 second places and 9 third places in Championships. A number of these went to 2 junior members Ian Ainsworth and Helen Driver who were placed in every Championship they entered.


Because Helen Driver and her father didn't know where the official start was for a individual swim of Windermere, she started 30 yards before the correct point. At the other end she finished the wrong side of the jetty.  The swim was claimed as a record but the BLDSA denied the record and additionally was refused a certificate.


Four members had disappointments awaiting them at Dover. Vince Gorman was unable to swim due to injury, Sue Johnson couldn’t get the right weather, Helen Driver swam for approximately 10hours and was forced to retire a few miles off France and Dave Palmer swam for 13.5 hours and had to retire 4miles northwest of the Cape.


From Dave Palmer's official observer's report, "2:54pm stopped for a drink of lemon and lime (hot) and couldn't wait till France for his cigarette so he's having one now. What a ridiculous sight - sitting in the middle of the Channel desperately trying to keep a cigarette dry! We're 12miles off Dover Harbour weather still very calm".


Stephen Dockery spent the beginning of the season reaching top fitness due to a knee trouble then got it together clocking up 8 first places and a few minor places as well as representing Britain abroad.


Paul Kochanek finally overcame the battle to complete the longer swims.


Our President Ken Bailey while trying to support the Royal Wedding by decorating his house ended his swim season by falling from the ladder/garage roof doing considerable damage to his shoulder.


Two members Messers Carter and Humphries produced poorer than usual mileage this season due to their decision to take up marathon running.


Paul Tew got married and renovated his house as well as completing a number of swims. Jeff and Pat Paley also got married.


Lillian Brooks-Bell swam Windermere and raised £250 for Spina Bifida. This year's Superdolphin was Fred James.



Mileage 909 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Sue Johnson 105 miles


New members Andy Sandon, Bernard & Linda Holmes and David Jones


Notable Swims Sue Johnson became the first lady to swim Windermere two ways on Breaststroke. She also gained records on Loch Earn and Invergowrie.


Stephen Dockery won nearly everything he entered 12 1st places and 2 2nd places. In one weekend he won Morecambe Bay and the Champion of Champions. For this weekend’s swimming he was made Sunday Observer’s Sports Personality of the week, the first long distance swimmer to be given this honour.


Carole Hunt (a student at IM Marsh college) won 3 swims including Windermere, Morecambe Bay and Shoreham to Brighton.


Chris Green was reported as still trying for the Morecambe Bay record and managed to swim it 4 times this season. He also swam the Italian International in Venice.


Dilys Beynon came 1st in the Loch Earn Championship.


The Dolphins Team won the Chasewater Team Competition. The team was Stephen Dockery, Billy Dutton, Keith Bosson and Helen Driver.


Recognition Stephen Dockery is awarded the BLDSA Fred Slater Trophy for the 'Swimmer of the Year'.


Sue Johnson is awarded the BLDSA Hans Belay Trophy for the 'Swim of the Year'

Alan Humphries was awarded the Anderson Trophy.


Other items Sue Johnson was 18.

John Heapy celebrated this his twentieth season as a long distance swimmer. Chris Carter only swam 27miles this season as he was running marathons.

Chris also had the cheek to run the London Marathon when birth was

imminent, but Dorothy hung on until Chris returned home.


The Dolphins won four team competitions this season. They were Llyn Padarn, Pickmere, Grimsby and the Dee Mile.


Trevor and Karen Symmons are now fully qualified pilot lifesavers. Trevor’s best swim was in Czechoslovakia at Damn Lake where he finished fourth.




Mileage 937 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Stephen Dockery 92 miles


New members Peter Axson, Harry Brooks, Simon Ferguson and Joanne Keating.


Notable Swims Stephen Dockery won 12 races, he came 2nd in four and came 3rd in one other.

He also claimed 3 new records.


Ian Ainsworth in his first season as a senior spent most of it chasing Stephen Dockery's feet. However, he did manage to win 5 races.


Carole Hunt along with training to be a teacher set a new record on Loch Earn.


Recognition None recorded


Other items Helen Driver spent several hours swimming Windermere, 4 times, in training for a Channel crossing. Unfortunately, Helen was plucked from the Channel a couple of miles from the French coast.


Harry Brooks claimed the opposite end of the field of swimmer to Stephen Dockery to finish last for most of the season.


Paul Knockanek was above Dilys in the mileage chart this season as Dilys managed to get her arm in plaster for some of the season.


Dave Jones was not happy with just swimming the Llyn Padarn 4 mile race, he also ran the Snowdon Mountain race the same day.


The Club had two Channel Relay teams, which were planned to swim at the same time, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sunny Anderson's Channel swim in 1933. The first team was made up of Dave Jones, Billy Dutton, Paul Gwatkin, Andy Sandon, Dave Palmer and Trevor Symmons. The second team was made up of Carole Hunt, Chris Carter, Chris Green, Cathy Taylor, Sue Johnson and Ken Bailey.  Alan Humphries was also involved.  The weather was not good but it was decided to go. Both teams started together but with worsening conditions the first team's crossing was abandoned. The second team continued into worsening weather. Difficulty was found in getting back into the boat.  The observer was seasick.  For a period of 2 hour a force 7 storm blow. After 14hours 33mins the crossing was completed. Chris Green dipped Sunny's costume into the Channel; the same she had swam in 50years previously and brought back a handful of pebbles on a long three hour return in rough conditions.


Summary History of the Club – 1984 to 1993



Mileage 868 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Chris Green 136 miles


New members Not recorded


Notable Swims John Heapy set an Inaugural record swimming Coniston Veterans Butterfly.


Chris Green swam Morecambe Bay 2 ways and also made four single crossings. On one of these he set a new Gents Record of 2:29:00.


Stephen Dockery again took 7 firsts, 2 seconds, 2 thirds, set 4 new records and a new Gents Record on Windermere.


Lillian Brooks-Bell completed every swim she entered and retained her title as being the oldest lady to swim Windermere in 8hrs 49mins.


Recognition Stephen Dockery retired from competitive swimming. He was presented with the Anderson Trophy.


Other items John Heapy planned several swims in the season but illness and the lack of crews disrupted his plans. He did complete three swims on Fly and got two Fly records during the season.


Dilys and Paul completed swims between baby feeds


Chris Carter now added Cycling to his list of activities. He took part in the London to Paris Triathlon together with Dave Jones, which was a relay. They ran from London to Dover, swam across the Channel and cycled to Paris.


Maurice Ferguson complained during the swimming season that he had caught 'Hay Fever' from his son-in-law, Fred James.


Sue Johnson gets engaged to Jeffrey Corkhill.




Mileage 472 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Chris Green 172 miles


New members James Tinsley


Notable Swims Chris Green swam the Gibraltar Straits 13miles in 6hours 28 mins 40 secs and set a British Record. He also had an attempt at the Channel but was unsuccessful.


Ian Ainsworth represented GB in an International at Yugoslavia.


Recognition None recorded


Other items Bad weather plagued the season.


Chris Green spent most of the season in Morecambe Bay, performing 9


crossings. This made his total to 32 which broke Gerry Forberg’s record.

Ken Bailey was presented with a Silver Salver in recognition to the services to the Dolphins and to commemorate this his 1st year as BLDSA President. Ken was also BLDSA International Swim Secretary.


Dave Yeomans, retired as Coach, Billy Dutton takes over. Sue Johnson marries Jeffrey Corkhill.



Mileage 567 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Chris Green 168 miles


New members Not recorded


Notable Swims Chris Green swam the Straits of Gibraltar, Manhattan International, Hawaii International and the Sea of Galilee. He also managed to swim Morecambe Bay 5 times.


Dilys Beynon wins Coniston Vets breaking the record by 9minutes.


Recognition Dick Dickinson received the Anderson Trophy for his services to the Club, in particular his 10 years as Treasurer.


Chris Green received a silver salver for his Straits of Gibraltar swim and the BLDSA Hans Belay Trophy for the ‘swim of the year’. Harry Brooks received the BLDSA Avril & Alan Mitchell Trophy for the Veteran Swimmer of the year.


Other items The Club provided help assisting with the first BLDSA World Cup Long Distance Swimming Championships at Windermere. Although no Dolphins swam, members helped Ken Bailey who was the Championship Secretary.


Chris Green spent some of the season in hospital with a bad back.


The Club’s committee considered a contract presented by WBC to Club’s with regard to hiring the baths each time they used them. After much consultation, agreement appeared to have been found. Then WBC decided that it would consider closing the Legh Street Baths. After must work between all the clubs who used the baths, the council decided to postpone closure for an indefinite period.


The Albert Dock Championships were initiated.


Maurice Ferguson fell off his bike (over the handlebars avoiding a child), which resulted in a broken elbow and brought about an early end to his season.

Dave Yeomans took over Maurice's commitments whilst he was in hospital. Dave Yeomans and Dorothy and Kevin Normansell and Gaynor got married.



Mileage 501 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Chris Green 112 miles


New members Kevin Ferguson, Simon Brentford, Laurence Bailey, Nicollette Timothy


Notable Swims Jimmy Tinsley swam the Channel in 14hr 34mins and swam 2 way Windermere. Cmdr G Forsberg presented a Tankard to him at the Annual Dinner.


Chris Green swam Manhattan Island twice, the second in 7hr 29mins breaking British record. He also swam Seal Beach in California, San Francisco Bay and 3 crossings of Morecambe Bay, which made a total of forty crossings of the Bay.


Dilys Beynon wins Torbay Vets.


Keith Bosson makes it up Coniston and Simon Ferguson swims Ullswater.


Recognition Anderson Trophy was presented to Dave Yeomans.


Harry Brooks received BLDSA veteran swimmer of the year

Tony Johnson was elected as BLDSA Windermere Swim Secretary and Chris Carter was elected as BLDSA President Elect.


Chris Green (organiser) at the Annual dinner held at Pickmere received a crystal decanter for the top mileage swum in the year.


Other items There was much discussion over the year on new t shirts and sweatshirts


The cost of the Club Championships were set at £7.50 and £6.50 for Pickmere and Albert Dock which included a meal at £1.50/person.

Paul Tew is the BLDSA secretary for both Junior Coniston and Loch Lomond Championships.


Paul and Fiona Tew, Fred and Wendy James and Alan and Karen Humphries got married.




Mileage 427 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Chris Green 76 miles


New members John Watkin, Paul Lyth, Karen Jones, Mrs Carter, Roy Clewes


Notable Swims Channel relay 10hours 32mins


Recognition BLDSA Chris Carter and Maurice Ferguson were elected as President and President Elect


Anderson Trophy was presented to Chris Carter.


Paul Lyth was presented with the BLDSA Elise Brook Trophy


Other items Hot pot supper was held 14/5/88


The Silver Jubilee of the Dolphins commenced at the end of September with a 25hour charity swim @ Legh St Baths. Suggestions were for eight teams of six (Channel swimmers, veterans, ladies, gents, Ferguson family team, a team each from Warriors & WSC)


Neil Thomson was selected to represent BLDSA in Belgium.


1989 (Silver Jubilee of the Dolphins)


Mileage 453 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Chris Green 61 miles


New members Shane Hartley, Suzanne Bretnall, Derek Pritchard, Helen Stringer, Brain Peers, Anne Signall, David Hamlet


Notable Swims To celebrate the Silver Jubilee it was decided that the Club should organise two Channel Relay teams for crossing in the summer. The recommendations for the teams were:

Two way One way

Chris Green Keith Bosson

Carole Hunt Simon Ferguson

Peter Axson Neil Thomson

Jimmy Tinsley Karren Jones

Chris Carter Paul Lyth

Sue Corkhill Phillip Stringer

Reserves Harry Brooks, John Heapy and Bob Keating: Chris Owen Team Manager


The two way team only completed a one way crossing due to adverse weather conditions.


Recognition Anderson Trophy was presented to Maurice Ferguson.


A Tankard to be presented to Dick Dickinson for his work as Treasurer


Other items Chris Green resigned from committee and club.


There were attempts to encourage past members to attend the Annual Dinner.


As it was the Silver Jubilee year it was decided to have special certificates for championships. Additionally, Jubilee mugs were bought.


Harry Brooks complained that he was reserve for the Channel relay team but was not called up to take the place of a member who withdrew from the team.




Mileage 344 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Carole Hunt 50 miles.


New members John Glynn, Paul Dayus, Ian Clancy, Stephen James Gee, David Smith, Simon Tempest, Alison Ravenscroft, Mathew James, Robert Waterhouse, Kerry Hartley, Saled Khalifer, Dawn Hall, David Ashbrook, Frank & Judith Holcroft, Colin Molloy, Dina Redfern.


Notable Swims Kevin Ferguson swam Coniston Butterfly.


Recognition Anderson Trophy was presented to Wendy James.


Sue Corkhill was presented with a porcelain figurine for services as Secretary.


Other items Maurice Ferguson announced he wished to resign from committee at AGM. Bob Keating announced that he would be retiring as president at AGM.


Questions were raised about insurance at the Pickmere swim. The insurance issue was investigated and a premium of £37.50 was paid.


Harry Brooks and Ces Shallcross (founder member) passed away.




Mileage 204 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Kay Barton 24 miles.


New members Will Vandersterran, Vicky Lovatt, Jim Nurse, Sarah Connor and Kathryn Lovatt


Notable Swims Mick Gallagher swam Windermere with bad shoulder.


There were two channel relay crossings with members of our club in them, a trans-Pennine team with John Heapy & Maurice Ferguson in them which crossed in 12hours 58mins and a second team including Chris Carter and Helen Stringer which crossed in 15hours 12mins.


Recognition Annual Dinner was held at The Dingle Hotel, Lymm organised by Jon & Helen Stringer.


Anderson Trophy was presented to Billy Dutton.


Other items There were 120 entries for the Pickmere Championship, which made a profit



Maurice Ferguson stated that he would resign from committee at AGM.




Mileage 244 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Jon Stringer 37miles.


New members Andrew Carter, Jan Timmins


Notable Swims John Stringer swam Windermere


Recognition Maurice Ferguson was made Life Member of the Club.


Paul Tew, BLDSA President and Robert Keating were invited to Annual Dinner. Anderson Trophy was presented to Dave Penketh.

Other items The increased cost of hiring Pickmere for the Championships was discussed and additionally questions over its future.


The committee confirmed that there was no insurance cover for club sessions, cover arranged by C Carter through the ASA at a cost £25.


The Albert Dock Championship was cancelled due to lack of entries; possible shortfalls in safety cover and swim secretary going on holiday on event date.


Annual Dinner was held at Dingle Hotel, Lymm.


Coniston Championship, the Club was informed that Warwickshire LDSC was to no longer organise it. Mr. Vic. Foulston from Warwickshire LDSC offered the swim including the trophies to Dolphin’s to run it. However he club felt it was unable at that time to take the swim on.


Robert Keating offered a new trophy to the club.


1993 (60th Anniversary of Sunny Anderson’s 1st Channel Swim)


Mileage 317 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Sally Baldwin 46 miles.


New members Wendy Stringer and Louise Kenwright


Notable Swims The Channel relay attempt was successful crossing in 15hrs 9mins on 29/8/93.

The team was Simon Ferguson, Karen Jones, Sally Baldwin, Mike Cooke, Caroline Smith and Maurice Ferguson. The team manager was Lillian Brookes-Bell.


Recognition Anderson Trophy was awarded to Jon & Helen Stringer Annual Dinner at Fir Grove Hotel.

The 60th anniversary of Mrs Anderson’s 1st Channel swim was recognised by the CSA. A Mayoral reception was organised by Jim Nurse.


Other items Keith Bosson strongly recommended a change of venue from Pickmere for next year due to number of different leases on the lake. John Bedford was invited to attend as BLDSA President. Keith Bosson to look into the possibility of holding the Champions at Tatton Mere next year.


The Warrington Lottery was approached to increase the Channel swim fund.


Caroline Smith, Mike Cooke and Sally Baldwin expressed desire to swim channel, committee recommended that they swim at least one season outdoors and try to get involved in channel relay to gain experience. Caroline Smith was the first to ask at 2am just after completing the Channel relay. Sally was next at Breakfast the following morning.


Billy Dutton wished to organise a sponsored swim for Warrington Bomb appeal Sub committee set-up to look into a 24hour swim for fund raising.


Chris Carter to organise a refurbishment of Notice Board. Ray Scott C.S.A. Secretary passed away


Summary History of the Club – 1994 to 2003

1994 (30th Anniversary of the inception of the Dolphins by Sunny Anderson)


Mileage 368 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Mike Cooke 89 miles.


New members M. Davies


Notable Swims Sally Baldwin, Mike Cooke and Caroline Smith all swam the channel, (Mike has only one full arm).


Dave Quartermain channel attempt was defeated by bad weather. However, he won Exmouth Fairbuoys, Colwick Park and Bala one way. He also swam a 2way Windermere.


Mike Cooke swam a 2 way Ullswater in 12hrs 15mins


Lillian Brookes-Bell won the ladies Llyn Padarn Championship


Recognition Mayoral reception was organised for the channel swimmers and all received a salver.


Sally Baldwin was presented with Cheshire Woman of the Year award. Mike Cooke was voted Young Mancunian of the Year

Dick Dickinson was made a Life Member of the Club.


Other items Sunny Anderson completed 70lengths in the Postal swim (aged 83)

The last Pickmere Championship was held which had 67 swimmers competing. New NCASA Open Water Committee includes Mr. Carter and Mr. Ferguson.

Dick Dickinson passed away.


First time the Bob Keating Handicap 5000yds was swum 13 senior entered and 3 juniors. Won by Mike Cooke.




Mileage 350 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Tom Clarke-Nolan 69 miles.


New members J. Carroll Junior, Tom Clarke-Nolan, Michaela Yates, J Gregson, Kelly Davidson and Paul Walton


Notable Swims Wendy Stringer swam Coniston


Tom Clarke-Nolan swam 2 way Coniston


Michaela Yates won ASA 4k, with Maurice Ferguson and Stuart Ainsworth winning their Age Groups.


Michaela Yates swam Ullswater in 3hrs 52mins.


Maurice Ferguson, Caroline Smith, Mick Gallagher, and Tom Nolan swam Windermere.


Mick Gallagher also swam Loch Earn.


Lillian Brookes-Bell swam Windermere in 10hrs 4mins 4sec to become what was widely believed in the Club to be the oldest lady to have ever swum it. However, this may not have been confirmed.


Successful Channel relay organised by Karen Jones. The team consisted of John Glynn, Jim Nurse Alan Hibbert, Stuart Ainsworth Tom Nolan and Michaela Yates completed the swim in 15hours 13minutes.


Dave Quartermain failed in his attempt to swim the Channel due to exhaustion. He was 500 to 600m from France. However, he did come 2nd in the ASA 5000m and won the CSA award for the most meritorious attempt at the Channel.


John O'Hara passed away.


Recognition Chris Carter was given Honouree Life Membership of the Channel Swimming Association.


Other items New Notice Board ordered at a cost of £78.00.


Maurice & Milly Ferguson is recorded as having compiled a database of 23000 swimmers swims.


The first Budworth Championships were held with a total of 70 swimmers competing.


The annual Dinner Dance was organised by Caroline Smith and Jim Nurse and took place at the Fir Grove Hotel with 62 attendees.


Sally Baldwin getting married on the 16/9/96


New trophy for Juniors in memory of Dick Dickinson. A shield received the previous year from the Mayor was intended to be put on the new notice board but was found not to fit so was incorporated into the T. R. Dickinson Trophy.


Maurice Ferguson resigns as BLDSA Postal Swim secretary after running the event for 8 years Jim Nurse takes over.




Mileage 241 miles swum by club members - Top swimmer Michaela Yates 57 miles.


New members Graham Padgett, Fiona Hunter-Choat, Nicholas Hunter-Choat, Fred and Matthew James


Notable Swims Paul Tew swam channel


A Dolphin Loch Ness 2 way relay team (46 miles), consisted of Dave Quatermain, Tom Nolan, Liz Horn, Tony Whelan junior, Helen Driver, Caroline Smith. They successfully completed the swim in 26hour 13minutes 10 seconds.


ASA Championship was held in Albert Dock. David Quartermain won the gent title and Helen Driver won the ladies.


Recognition Steve Critchley was awarded the Anderson Trophy


Other items Michaela Yates gets engaged to Larry Richard.


Dave Penketh resigns from the Club.


Tony Whelan Junior presented a trophy to the Club ‘Merit of the Mere’, to be awarded at Budworth for endurance.


John Stringer recovers from a heart bypass operation and is helped to recover by a bottle of whisky given to him by the Club.


Annual Dinner at the Walton Hall. The event was a success but the venue was considered unsuitable as people were too spread out.


The Club held a Barn Dance as a fund raising event, organised by Jim Nurse, which included a Lamb Hot Pot supper. The event was a great success.


Dave Quartermain failed on his third attempt to swim the Channel. Fiona Hunter-Choat and Paul Lynch get married on Christmas Eve.



Mileage 274 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Michaela Yates 125 miles.


New members Amy and Paul McNicholas, Kalynda Pritchard, Dave and Lesley Feakes.


Notable Swims Michaela Yates swims Channel in 11hours 33mins. She also swam Windermere 2 ways in training for the Channel.


Recognition In recognition of her successful Channel swim Michaela Yates was awarded a silver salver. She also received a CSA award for the best BLDSA swim of the year.


Other items Dave Quartermain resigns from the Club to train more locally with City of Salford.


Karen Jones proposes to organise another Channel Relay but the idea is shelved later in the year due to lack of interest.

Annual Dinner is held at the Lord Daresbury, Tony Johnson to organise. The baths wanted £354 for the Club to hold a 24hour swims.

A repeat Barn Dance is organised by Jim Nurse and Caroline Smith.


Steve Critchley resigned from the Club.


Club sponsored Dave Bungs of the Canoe Club for their Cross Channel canoe to raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind.


Budworth Championship held but no canoe cover was present.


Caroline Smith gets married and resigns at the end of the season due to her husband (Mr. Colin Lewis) job relocating him to Prague for two years.


Mrs. Fiona Lynch proposes a 1mile event at Budworth.


Jim Nurse and John Watkin resign from the committee at the end of the year.


Cmdr Gerry Forsberg and Chris Carter were made a Hon Life Member of the Club.




Mileage 148 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Michaela Yates 23 miles.


New members Sally Bosson, Henry Lowther, Helen Berry, Andrew Wright


Notable Swims Graham Padgett enters first open water swim as a Dolphin.


Warrington Dolphins wins the Llyn Padarn team trophy.


Kevin Saunders and Henry Lowther make up the City of Liverpool team, which set an inaugural record for swimming the longest lakes in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.


Michaela Yates finishes 2nd in the ASA 2k race.


Recognition None recorded


Other items Mr. Jim Nurse takes life saving qualification and starts coaching. Fiona Lynch takes on the duties of the Budworth Championships.

Cmdr Gerry Forsberg informs the Club that they are represented in the Hall of Frame.


Annual Dinner is at North Cheshire College.


Bob Keating & Dick Dickinson swims are cancelled due to lack of support. Karen Jones and Dave Liversidge resign from the committee at the AGM.

Tony Johnson took ill during the season. Dave Feakes and Maurice Ferguson step in to help with Albert Dock swim.


Sunny Anderson goes into hospital to have a knee operation.




Mileage 112 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Lesley Feakes 18 miles.


New members Nicola Wright, Joanne Carter, Maurice Pendleghast, John Lydon, Avril Phillips, Rebecca Wright, Martyn Sollas, Lee Folkes, Gorgina Brown


Notable Swims Keith Bosson, Michaela Yates and Graham Padget win the 4mile team trophy at Llyn Padarn for Warrington. Kalynda Pritchard wins the junior breaststroke race.


The Channel Relay team of Michaela Yates, Kevin Saunders, Dave Feakes, Jim Nurse, Tom Towey and Lesley Feakes are successful in 14hours 17mins


Recognition Michaela Richard receives the Anderson Trophy for her contribution and support to the Club.


Jim Nurse receives the BLDSA James Brennan Memorial Trophy, which was awarded for his long commitment in running the BLDSA postal swim for five years.


Other items Michaela Yates marries her canoeist Larry Richard after many hours being together on many swims.


Fiona Lynch requests ‘leave of absence’ from coaching. Maternity leave was granted.


John Watkin got his life saving qualification and starts coaching. Andy Wright starts coaching.


Poor attendance at committee meetings is recorded.


Henry & Lyn Lowther offered to have a barbecue at their home following the Budworth swim. The committee turned the offered down because they considered the 5 miles was to distant from the swim.


Safety cover at Budworth was poor and discussed. No late entries were agreed for next season.


Maurice Ferguson was forced to limit his coaching to committee nights due to a medical reason which temporary stopped him driving.


Fiona proposed a 1mile swim at Budworth. Albert Dock Championship is cancelled.

Marbury handicap well attended.


The number of people who had said that they were going to the Annual Dinner to be held at the Buckley Suite, Padgate College a few weeks before the event was poor. It was decided that if 50 people had not agreed to go 2 weeks before the event date then it would be cancelled.


Mr. Watkin proposed a 24 hours swim in 2000 and will investigate further.


Andy Wright organised a social relay in the Lake District, which proved to be very enjoyable. The weather was poor so the planned three lakes are reduced to just a single Ullswater. For the final leg all swimmers swum together, which included Helen Tristam on her first open water swim.  The Dolphins, friends and family had a B-B-Q and a few drinks on the campsite at Glen Ridding to compliment the relay.


At the AGM Michaela Richard suggests a rotation of lanes during training sessions as she was tired of always swimming next to the wall.




Mileage 358 miles swam by club members – Top swimmer Michaela Yates 64 miles. New members Stephen Lodge, Jennifer Chappell, Becky Thompson, Selina Ridgeway Notable Swims Michaela Richard completes a 3 way Coniston swim and sets a new record.

Andy Wright and Dave Feakes complete Windermere in difficult weather conditions.


Recognition Carl Walker and Wendy James are made Life members.


Other items Ted Oxley passes away.


Jon & Helen Stringer resign from the Club. Chris Carter resigns from the committee.


Andy Wright put forward proposals for a possible combining of Budworth Championship with a new County Championship. The committee who were not interested in proposal rejected this.


Tony Johnson received a complaint that the Albert Dock 2mile freestyle trophy was won by a ‘whippet’ breaststroke swimmer, John Lydon. It was ruled a correct decision and John held on to both trophies for the year.


Cmdr CG Forsberg passed away.


John Heapy put forward route options for the Boxing Day swim.


Andy Wright buys boat and pays more for the trailer, outboard and towbar. Then runs out of petrol and runs to start of Coniston leaving his boat crew John Lydon desperately trying to catch up.


Jim Nurse resigns as BLDSA Postal Swim secretary after running the event for 5 years. Chris Byrne takes over.




Mileage 396 miles swum by club members – Top swimmer Andrew Wright 67 miles


New members Julia Lydon, Helen Tristan, Martyn Fox, Penny Aspartian, Claire Dickinson, Alan Morris, Callum Shenton & Perri Shenton


Notable Swims Dave Feakes and Andy Wright swim 2 way Windermere finishing 2nd and 1st


In the BLDSA Senior grand prix Andy Wright and Dave Feakes finish 1st & 2nd Gents respectively.


At Llyn Padarn, the Dolphins won both the 2 & 4 mile team trophies.


Recognition Andy Wright is awarded the BLDSA Hans Belay Trophy for ‘The swim of the Year’.


Lesley Feakes is awarded the BLDSA Breaststroke Trophy.


Other items John Lydon joins the committee.


There was a Foot and Mouth epidemic at the beginning of the year, which threatened to cause disruption to the season. In the end no swim was cancelled.


Basic canoe training sessions were run on two Sundays, Martyn Fox and Pete Dickinson coached members.


Nicola Wright wins Budworth handicap.


New lane ropes were fitted to the Gala pool at a cost of £2000.


Annual Dinner is held at Lord Daresbury. Afterwards, Maurice Ferguson proposes that this year’s dinner should be the last held in its current form.


Lifesaving qualifications are renewed by some of the coaches.

Tony Johnson retires as Secretary for Albert Dock after the Championships. Sunny Lowry takes over as President of CSA.



Mileage 348 miles swum by club members – Top swimmer Dave Feakes 74 miles


New members Emily Stephenson, Alison Lydon, Martyn Bosson, Jenny Stephenson, Anna Barker, Alan Pomfret, Natalie Jones and Pete Dickinson


Notable Swims Dave Feakes swims channel in 13hrs 27mins after swimming Coniston 2 ways as a training swim.


In the Postal swim 2 of the teams entered by the Club won; Graham Padgett again won his age group.


Natalie Jones wins most of the Junior swims setting a new junior record at Bala in 1hr 3mins 54 seconds and just misses out on beating the Coniston Junior Championship record. The record set at Bala beat the previous record set in


1978 by Dolphin Claire Allman. Lesley Feakes swims Windermere.

Andy Wright wins all BLDSA veteran races in season but fails to complete Loch Lomond due to a shoulder injury.


The club competed in a 25mile swim at Howe Bridge Baths, which they won.


Recognition Jim Nurse organises a Civic Reception at Town Hall to mark the success of the Dolphins over the last 12 months.


For the 2002 season, Natalie Jones received the BLDSA Tom Butcher Trophy presented to the Junior swimmer of the year and Andy Wright received a crystal bowl as winner of the Veterans Grand Prix.


Other items Informal social arranged by John Glynn after the Marbury Handicap at the ‘Cock O’ Budworth’. This turned out to be a popular and successful event.


Michaela Richard was unable to swim much this season as Larry was unwell.


A repeat of the basic canoe training sessions were run on two Sundays, Martyn Fox and Pete Dickinson coached members.


Discussions took place on obtaining a Lottery Grant for the purchase of Radios and a boat.


It was agreed that visually brighter buoys were required to identify our Championship courses particular Albert dock. Maurice Ferguson proposed that 22, one gallon sherry containers be obtained. However, as he didn’t like sherry he wouldn’t help drink the contents.


Maurice Ferguson didn’t seek re-election to the committee at the AGM.


A social function was arranged for after the Xmas Handicap. This took place at the White Hart. Sunny Anderson presented the Anderson Trophy to Stuart Ainsworth.


Much discussion took place on the re-newel of Lifesaving Qualifications. Repeated attempts to organise for coaches to retake their tests were thwarted. This was coupled with changes in the content of the test.


In the middle of the year the Family and General Pools were closed initially for minor repairs to the roofs. However, considerably more work was required and after a few weeks the Family pool re-opened. However, the General Pool was permanently closed as it was additionally leaking. These events led people to conclude that the council wished to close all the baths.  The impression was this was being achieved by stealth. Much opposition was presented to this and the council were shown repeatedly to be out of touch with the publics’ requirements.


At a Sunday session Chris Byrne was a little surprised to see a pair of trainers on the bottom of the pool, which weren’t there two lengths previously. As he


got closer he realised that Maurice was wearing them. Maurice had been moving a rope and had fallen victim to the cut out steps and fallen in. This was Maurice’s most expensive swim as he didn’t swim a yard but went in with his mobile phone, which cost him £50 to replace.




Mileage 506 miles swum by club members – Top swimmer Lesley Feakes 91 miles


New members Robert Dickinson, Andrew Byrne, Gary Mogel, Julie Mainwaring, Nigel Woods, Alec Glover, Paul Reynolds, Joshua Reynolds, Samuel Reynolds, Christina Wade, Nicholas Clark, Nick Joseph, Adam Joseph, Clare Kane, Matt Cullen, Louise Moore


Notable Swims Lesley Feakes swims 2 way Windermere setting new ladies world record for Breaststroke time 16hr 37mins 50secs


Henry Lowther swam Windermere and Ullswater Nicola Wright swam Junior Coniston

Lesley Feakes swims 2 way Coniston and Ullswater.


Kevin Saunders finishes 6th in the ASA Grand Prix and collected considerable prize money (£25).


Recognition Many members of the Club attend the BLDSA Annual Dinner in Altrincham, where presentations were made to members of the Club for the 2002 season.


At the Annual Dinner, awards were received for the 2003 season. Nicola Wright was presented with the BLDSA Elise Brook Trophy; Lesley Feakes the Breaststroke Trophy, Maurice Ferguson was presented with the Harry Moffat Memorial Trophy and Andy Wright received a crystal bowl as winner of the Veterans Grand Prix.


Other items A successful social event was held following the Dick Dickinson and Bob Keating Handicaps. This was a Big Breakfast at ‘Let’s Eat Café on the A49 at Little Budworth.


At one of the winter Sunday training sessions at Legh Street Baths, members correctly predicted that Maurice would set a 20 minute timed swim as his first set.  They decided without him knowing that if he set this, everyone would  swim breaststroke. Members swam a couple of lengths before Maurice worked out the prank.


Due to closure of Legh Street Baths at the end of July by the council, the last Club session was held and members were awarded certificates to commemorate the occasion. Members of the Club took an active part in fighting to maintain swimming in the town centre (John Lydon, Dave Feakes and Andy Wright were members of the Warrington Baths Action Group WBAG).


With the closure of Legh Street Baths, the Club was allocated time at


Broomfields Leisure Centre on Friday (21:00 to 22:00) and at Sankey Leisure Centre on Sunday (8:00 to 9:00). Attendance increased due to the Masters swimmers joining the Club who no longer had time allocated to them.


The Club pursued the BLDSA for Insurance details to enable them to hold the Championships. It was determined that the insurer had changed the cover without the BLDSA knowing. It was found out that swimmers between the ages of 3 to 70 were insured.


With the nice warm summer all swims were well attended. Problems were encountered at the Albert Dock Championship where local kids were jumping into the dock off bridges and Carl Walker’s van was temporarily lost in the Docks.


Following the failure to win a grant to buy Radios, the decision was taken that it was not possible to safely run the Albert Dock Championship without adequate communications. As a result the Club bought 6 radios with a range of about 2miles for use at swims.


Wendy James informed the committee that this would be her last year as Treasurer.


John Heapy passed away on the 30th December.