Historic News

2006 Bronze Medalists

Mark Blewitt and Chris Carter are both made of iron. They both took part in the Open Swimming competition at Tooting Beck Lido last weekend (21/1/06). Mark collected a bronze medal in the 33.33 yds Old English Backstroke and Chris stormed into third place in his 33.33 yds Backstroke race.

Now following this result we may well expect some serious competition for masters swimming places on the back. Watch out Russ!

2006 Dolphins Crew the Loch

In the true spirit of Long Distance Swimming, our own Kevin, Lisa and Paul helped Kevin Sanders a swimming from another club achieve a tremendous success.

Well done.

A report on the swim is attached.

2007 Mark swims Gibraltar Straits

Mark Blewitt on (15-11-07) swam from GOZO to COMINO 2km as it was to rough to swim from Gozo to Malta.

On (04/10/07) swum the straits of Gibraltar. He spent the week waiting for good weather and completed the 8.75mile crossing in an excellent time of 4hours 10minutes. This makes it his second crossing this year the other was as a member of the 2way channel relay. Well done Mark.

2007 Richard Walsh Swims 9 lakes in 24hours

Richard Walsh swam 9 lakes including Windermere twice in 24 hours last to raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind. His unbelievable achievement made it onto the BBC website,unfortunately the link is now gone.
Well done amazing swim.

2008 Frank Dockery - Steve's Dad

2008 Jeff Paley

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Jeff Paley (a former) member of the club passed away last week. Jeff completed many swim during his swimming career between 1973 and 1981 including a 2-way Windermere. He was a member of our club from 1979 to 1981.

2008 Maurice Ferguson

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Maurice passed away yesterday. More information on Maurice to follow.
Milly informed Caroline today that Maurice is now in a hospice in Northwich and has unfortunately deteriorated over the last couple of weeks.
Maurice makes a further vist to Hospital. You may or may not know that Maurice is very poorly at the moment. He has been in and out of hospital this year more times than any of us would like. He is currently at home. I'm sure all of us wish him our best wishes.

Maurice over a year ago went into hospital and had fluid drained from his chest. It took him a long time to get over that event. At Easter he revisited Warrington General with a chest infection and was released a few days later.

However, he has once again been admitted to hospital this time with a deep vein thrombosis. We all wish him a quick recovery.

2008 Sunny Lowry MBE - Mrs Anderson

It is with great sadness that one of our founding members and Life Member of the club his passed away at Warrington General Age 97.

Sunny was at for front of the creation of the Warrington Dolphins back in 1964.

Over her life she became famous for being the first British lady to swim the Channel. In her later life she acted as President of the Channel Swimming Association and was the figure head of the Restoration Project of the Victoria Baths Manchester.

Older Warringtonions will remember her and her husband Bill from swimming lessons at Warrington Baths.

2009 Richard Walsh Swims the Thames

2010 Sports Personality of the Year

Congratulations to Courtney Dean, one of our Junior members, who won the Warrington Young Sports Personality of the Year award for her Water Polo and open water swimming in 2010.

2011 BLDSA Swimmers Cross Irish Sea

A team of swimmers have successfully crossed the Irish Sea from Holyhead to Dublin. The swimmers faced notoriously tough conditions with huge numebrs of jelly fish, rough seas and strong tides, the 56+ mile swim was completed this morning (1st September). In addition to the famous celebrities from the world of music and TV the team included a number of 'Super Swimmers' including some familiar faces from the BLDSA, including Liane Llewellyn, Nikki Fraser and Rebecca Lewis. The swim was completed in aid of Cancer Research and donations can be made on the virginmoneygiving website.

2011 David Walliams Accepts Hon Membership

After his recent open water achievements, David was offered Hon. Membership of the club and we are delighted that he has accepted. See photo and note by clicking the link below.

2011 Demise of Warrington Legh Street Baths

In July 2011 Billy Dutton took some pictures of the final demolition of Warrington Baths. Many Warrington Swimmers will have fond memories of the place although the blow has now been softened a little with the opening of the excellent new facilities at Orford Park.

2011 Dolphin swimmers in BLDSA awards

Dolphins swimmers featured in BLDSA 2011 annual awards at the BLDSA dinner last Saturday. Congratulations go to Jo Norton-Barker who won the Fred Slater Trophy for BLDSA swimmer of the year, to Tony Fillingham who was also nominated for this award and to Andy Wright who won the James Brennan Memorial Trophy for his services to the BLDSA.

Jo had an excellent open water swimming season completing all the events on the swimming calendar including 2-way Windermere. Andy has been rewarded for his work for the BLDSA including serving as Hon secretary, President, swim secretary and providing safety cover at many BLDSA events.

2011 Eve and Tony - Fund Raising for The Swim

Eve Fellows is raising money for cancer research UK as part of 'The Swim' with Richard Branson and Ronan Keeting. It is a great cause and if she raises enough money she will be in with a chance of winning a spot on the team attempting to swim the Irish Sea.

Tony Fillingham is also raising money for Cancer Research UK for the Swim and the Channel Relay.

2011 Jo Norton-Barker Completes 2 Swim 4 Life Challenge


Jo Norton-Barker took part in the 2 Swim 4 Life event at Guildford open air lido last weekend in support of the Help for Heroes Charity.

Swimming 1 mile every hour, Jo swam through the night completing the 24 mile challenge at 9.30am on Sunday morning.

The 10 Lane 50m Lido is heated but only to a cool 19C. Body suits are encouraged by the organisers but of course Jo completed the swim in the BLDSA required swimming costume and hat.

Great preparation for a 2 way Windermere attempt later this year?

A fantastic achievement and a great cause. If you wish to support Jo, donations can be made via the link below.

Message from Jo:
I'm almost back in the land of the living, never been so tired in my life :0)

I DID IT - It was an amazing event, and I can't believe I did it but I did - all 24 miles, in only my cossy, cap and goggles (no wetsuit). The lido is an amazing place and though it was 19C I did feel cold in the night. It was amazing, thank you to everyone who has donated to Help for Heros, its much appreciated and if you haven't as yet and can spare a couple of quid for the guys please do.

Thank you again, and hope to see you soon over the coming months


2011 Mark Blewitt Completes Another Channel Crossing

In a good week for Dolphins, Mark Blewitt lead his team of swimmers accross the channel rin the same week as our succesful channel relay sqaud Mark's team included three type 1 diabetics (including Mark himself). They completed the the swim to France in 13hrs 26mins with Eddy Spelling (Anastasia) with the CSPF. Congratulations to Mark and his team.

2012 Dolphins Annual Awards

The following awards were made at our Christmas social night last night:

Dolphin of the year 2012

This was won for the second time by Jo Norton-Barker for her amazing season of open water swims topped by her solo English Channel swim followed by BLDSA Loch Lomond swim a month later. Jo swam most of the events on the calendar this year totalling 120 miles of swimming.

Anderson Trophy 2012

The Anderson Trophy is an annual award for outstanding services to the club. The winner this year is Alan Promfret for his hard work over the last five years in running the BLDSA Postal swim which is an international swimming event which involves a lot of time and effort to complete each year. Alan was not able to attend last night so the award will be presented at a later date.

Loch Lomond awards

Both Jo and Caroline Lewis were presented with decanters from the club to recognise they great achievement in completing the BLDSA Loch Lomond this year.

2012 Dolphins Charity Fundraising

2012 Dolphins win BLDSA Awards

Congratulations to our club treasurer, Caroline Lewis, for being awarded the Hans Belay Trophy at the 2012 BLDSA awards. The trophy is presented to recognise an outstanding swim by a BLDSA member during the year as an individual effort or within a Championship. Well Done !!. Also, congratulations to Michaela Richard for being awarded the Avrill and Allan Mitchell Trophy, presented to recognise her ability and dedication during the season, and to Thomas Roberts for being awarded the Elise Brook Encouragement and Perseverance Trophy, presented to recognise an outstanding swim by a Junior.

2012 Jo Norton-Barker Channel Battle Starts

As some of you may know fellow Dolphin member Jo Norton-Barker has been training for the past 3 years to swim the English Channel and her swim window starts on Wednesday 25th July for one week. She has trained extremely hard for this swim with a 2-way Coniston and 2-way Ullswater achieved in recent weeks.

It was not thought that her swim would start until the weekend, however she has had the call and will be setting off at about 01:30 AM Wednesday on Sea Satin, her support crew had to dash down the Motorway to get there in time.

She is raising money for the Fibromyalgia Association UK. If you would like to donate, please find the link to her Just Giving page, below

We would all like to wish Jo all the very best for her forthcoming swim.

Should you wish to follow her progress follow the link to the AIS ship tracking for her boat Sea Satin.

She has Done it 16hrs 54 mins and excellent result. Well done Jo.

Message From Jo

Wow guys I actually did it. Toughest swim of my life but boy now I've done it 'one of the best'. I can't believe I SWAM THE ENGLISH CHANNEL!!!!!!! Hee hee I screamed my head off on the beach.... You must have heard me?!?!

Thankyou everyone for all your well wishes, messages and encouragement I could not have done it without you xxxxxx

PS. I got to swim with wild dolphins xx they tailed me n kept me company with 2ish miles to go !!!! How amazing is that! Just fantastic!

Just WOW AMAZING AWESOME FANTASTIC SUPERB BRILLIANT . I can say that now I'm showered n in bed with a brew n hot toast!

Thanks again everyone, love you all

Jo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I did it!
Aka Jodolphin 'channel swimmer' xxx

2013 Buttermere Swim

3 Dolphin Members took part in the Utterly Buttermere swim organised by Head to The Hills and where 3 of the 5 competing in traditional costume against 300 in what was generally a wetsuit event

Michaela and Jo completing the 10k swim

And Pam completing the 5k

Congratulations to all 3..

See the pictures, write up, Video and Dolphin results on Facebook.

2013 Dolphins win Annual BLDSA awards

Michaela Richard. Thomas Roberts, Margaret Smith and Alan Pomfret all picked up awards at the BLDSA annual Dinner.

Michaela Richard
The Hans Belay Trophy
presented to recognise an outstanding swim by a BLDSA member during the year as an individual effort or within a championship without receiving an award from that championship.

Thomas Roberts
The Tom Butcher Trophy, presented to the Junior Swimmer of the year in BLDSA events who has demonstrated outstanding effort throughout the season.

Margaret Smith received the Brierley Law Masters Trophy for the BLDSA Master who's clocked up the most miles in a season.

Alan Pomfret picked up a BLDSA Special Award for all his hard work in running the BLDSA Postal swim for the last 5 years.

Pete Fellows also picked up the Harry Moffat Memorial Trophy
presented to a member who has given, on the water, outstanding service over the season , he is often seen helping out at many a Dolphins event as well.

Full write up can be seen on the Dolphins Facebook site as well as the BLDSA site.

2013 Joe Reid - 1st mile Open Water

Joe Reid recently completed his 1st mile swimming in open water at the Budworth championships in cooler water temperatures than average. The picture shows Joe being presented with a trophy by Larry Richard to mark the event. Congratulations Joe.

2013 Michaela Richard swims around Jersey

who completed her Round Jersey swim in a time of 9 hours 41 minutes.

Although not setting out to gain any records Michaela narrowly missed out by 9 minutes on the fastest record time , but now is the 2nd fastest lady and 3rd fastest overall..

See Full Report Below

2013 Season Starts Hotting Up