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Jim's Lane have the secret!

Caroline Lewis since joining Jim's lane has immediately won the Bob Keating Handicap. It is now believed that this lane spends all their time clock watching to ensure that the trophy is always won by someone from that lane.

Well done Caroline.

Life Member John Watkin

New Life Member - Stuart Ainsworth March 2011

Stuart Ainsworth originally became involved with Warrington Dolphins around 40 years ago when his son joined as a swimmer. Stuart also caught the distance swimming bug and although his son has long since left the club, Stuart has been an active member ever since.

Stuart swims in most club events and other open water swims, even achieving a podium finish at the BLDSA Derwent Water event last year. A valued member of the club, Stuart regularly coaches on a Friday and helps out at club events and has been seen rowing one of those uncomfortable little wooden boats in safety support for other swimmers.

Congratulations Stuart.

On a Clear Day

Dave Feake's film is out on general release. A movie clip hightlight good swimming style by Dave during filming.

Pre Season Training

Well done Joy Coy for his charity swim on Tuesday 19/04/06. Joe swam 2.5miles in Budworth Mere at an estimated temperature of 6C (around 40F). Supported by Mark Blewitt and Andy Wright, Joe swam took 90minutes.

The things members will do to top the mileage chart!

What do you have in your house!

It was a test drive, a dry run, call it what you like, but this is one on the 3 new marker buoys we have bought for this season.

I think its a nice piece of furniture!!!