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*******Channel Relay 2017*******

Please find a PDF file of the Channel Relay 2017 report by Karen Hodgkins. The Team: Jonathan Gatley, Faye Hodgkins, Julie Trevor, Barbara Harding, Karen Hodgkins and Mandy Reid. Team Manager Andy Wright.

2016 BLDSA Junior Grand Prix

Congratulations to Ellie for coming first in the BLDSA Grand Prix Junior Competition, Ellie stormed to first position with 49.11 points with 2nd place 24.11 points behind.
The Bldsa Grand Prix for Juniors is made up of 8 Swims, Ellie swam 4 of these .
Wykeham 2 miles
Lyn Tegid 3k
Lyn Tegid 3m
Derwentwater 5.25

All of these are the Non Wetsuit category.

2017 Training Times

Broomfields Leisure Centre

Friday Training session
8:30 to 10pm

Sunday Training session
8 - 9:30am

Kevin Saunders American Swims

In the past couple of weeks I did a few swims in San Francisco

1. Golden Gate Bridge swim (3km) -
2. SF Bridge to Bridge swim (10km) -

Didn't feature too high in the overall results partly down to taking in the sights (including doing a bit of backstroke under Golden Gate Bridge
which confused one of the kayakers !!!) and a few usual navigation problems (you try swimming in thick fog) but as most of swimmers were wearing rubber romper suits (wimps...water was only 55 degrees) and some with flippers so results weren't too bad.

In Golden Gate was 22nd out of 39 swimmers but 17 ot those ahead of me were in wetsuits and similarly in Bridge to Bridge swim overall I
was 26th out of 31 swimmers but 22 of those ahead of me were in wetsuits.

I did also do a 1.25 mile "unofficial" swim from Alcatraz to Aquatic Park in SF but this wasn't a race but I tagged along with a few swimmers from South End Rowing club were accompanied by some rowers + rib who were out training.

As soon as I get over jet lag I may see you down at Dolphins training

Little Red Lighthouse Swim

Kevin Saunders has just completed the Little Red Lighthouse Swim in New York and below is his version of the trip. He was 67th and finished in 01:17:57.

I decided to have a break and head for New York to do the Little Red Lighthouse Swim and when I booked it all I found they were also doing a "Brooklyn Bridge" swim from Manhattan to Brooklyn so I entered this as well as a warm up as it was only 1km.

Typically the American authorities were over-cautious and cancelled the Brooklyn Bridge swim due to some light winds ... I think it was called Hurricane Hannah.

Fortunately The Little Red Lighthouse swim went ahead which was down the shore of the Hudson River finishing at the George Washington Bridge and the Little Red Lighthouse (not so little as you can see by photo).

With my eyesight this gave me something to aim for that was until they reversed the course. The finish point was a small barge, behind the sixth pier along nearly 6 miles away !!!

Luckily I finished the 5.85 mile course in 1hr 18mins but unfortunately I didn't come first as you would expect with that time as the current was with us as at one point I looked across to the shore and we were going faster than the joggers !!!

As to the finish when a couple of us asked a canoeist which way to go she said we weren't far away just aim for the big cruise liner. So we started to sprint passing about a dozen swimmers on the way. As we neared the cruise ship another canoeist was shouting at us. We'd overshot the turn buoy for the finish so had to go back and lost about 6 places.

All in all it was well organised as at the start water, bananas ands bagels were free, we set off in waves (slowest first) so we all finished at roughly the same time. All our kit was labelled and sent to the finish.

We all finished within 30 minutes of each other and as we got out the microchip bracelets we had been given to put on our ankles recorded our times at the same time we were hosed down, given a finishers medal.

As we picked up our kit they had laid on a barbeque and other food (again free) and we got our free tshirts & swimhats.

Within 30 minutes of the last person out the water all the finish times were posted and they were starting the prize giving, more importantly the local bar was open... unfortunately we had to pay for the drinks !!!

Photos can be found at

and if you find my photo I was caught unawares !!!!

This 5.85-mile swim from Clinton Cove (Pier 96, at 56th Street) to 165th Street, within view of the Little Red Lighthouse, is one of our oldest and most popular events and features views of upper Manhattan, the Palisades, and the George Washington Bridge. Thanks to the expected tidal assist, this is a great way to get started with longer-distance swimming. Afterward, join your swim buddies for an informal, pay-as-you-go party at Coogan's Restaurant (4015 Broadway at 169th Street).

Warrington Dolphins 1500m Swim

Hi All
Yes the Warrington Dolphins are hosting our 7th Annual 1500m Swim, This year at Irlam Swimming pool 3rd March 2018 followed by a Meal and Presentation at the Station Restaurant Irlam.
Entry's are now open via Entry Central using the Link Below
Hope to see you there