Annual Swims

An Introduction

There are several classes of swim staged each year:

Our internal club swims are only available to members of Dolphins.

Championships - Budworth and Albert Dock - are open to members of Dolphins and other clubs and/or the BLDSA.

British Long Distance Swimming Association events are open only to registered members of their organisation, with the exception of novice events.

The BLDSA swim calendar also has details of affiliated club swims and other swims which members may enter. Eligibility can vary. If in doubt, contact the relevant swim secretary.

Club Support Boats

Whether you are planning to do a training swim, solo swim or a BLDSA championship you will need safety support.

The club owns a three kayaks which are available on a first come first served basis for any members to use for swims.

Sit-on-top Kayak

Very stable and easy to use kayak suitable for 1st time paddlers but probably best suited to swims under 5 miles.

'Sit-in' Kayaks

Two stable and easy to use kayaks better for longer swims and suitable for paddlers with minimal experience.

The club Kayaks will be available at open water training sessions during the summer so that swimmers and paddlers can practice their technique.


A roof rack is required to transport the kayaks. If you do not have your own, generic roof racks are available.

Three of which can be fitted to most cars with four doors. We also have one pair of standard roof bars which will fit most estate cars with roof rails.

Everything else you need is available to borrow with the Kayaks including: paddles, buoyancy aids, flag alpha and dry bags. You just need to find your crew.

Please contact the club secretary to book a kayak.