Warrington Dolphins
Long Distance Swimming Club
Warrington Dolphins is one of the premier long distance swimming clubs in Great Britain. Affiliated to the British Long Distance Swimming Association (BLDSA), the club caters for a wide range of abilities, from junior and adult novices to highly experienced Open Water Marathon Swimmers and Record Holders.

Our current membership include recreational swimmers and those with successful Channel, Loch Lomond, and two-way Windermere swims to their name.

Many of our members take part in open water lake and sea swims of between 1 and 21 miles throughout the summer, channel relay swims and other team events.

New members are always welcome and are invited to try one of our training sessions before joining.

Please contact Secretary@warrington-dolphins.co.uk for enquiries.
Open Water Swimming

2024 Starting date TBC we look forward to seeing you in.

   Welcome to the Warrington Dolphins Long Distance Swimming Club.
BLDSA ONE HOUR Swim Challenge 2nd January – 31st March 2024

This event is now open until 31st March.

On the following dates, during our training sessions at Broomfields, we shall dedicate some lanes to

swimmers who wish to take part in the BLDSA  ONE HOUR SWIM CHALLENGE

Monday 26 February,  8:00-9:00 PM

Monday 11 March,       8:00-9:00 PM

Monday 25 March,       8:00-9:00 PM

The event is organised by the BLDSA (British Long Distance Swimming Association). The objective of the swim is for
individual swimmers to achieve the greatest possible distance within the event they choose (either 1 hour or 30

The event was first organised in the 1980’s, and was called the “Postal Swim”, its purpose being to help to raise the
profile and fund raising capabilities of the BLDSA.
The annual event attracts competitors from all over the world, whose ages have ranged from under 10’s to over 85’s
since it first began.

All results were ‘posted’, which fortunately is now carried out electronically, and then sorted into the relevant
categories to identify the winners of all the various individual and team categories.

For more information check : https://bldsa.org.uk/swim/championship-events/

All entries must be submitted online by individual swimmers, after they complete their swim,  no later than 1st April

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Early Swims for 2024
Membership form is now available for 24-25, click on the about us tab and select Membership.
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