2015 Masters Results

GB Short Course Masters Championships (Oct 2015)

To defend a National Masters swimming title as you move through your age band is difficult, to defend two is rare, but in the 200m freestyle and 200m backstroke events at this year’s GB Short Course Swimming Championships, Sheffield, that’s exactly what 39 year old Warrington Dolphins swimmer Chris Rix managed to do.

Sporting snazzy new carbon fibre jammers, an anniversary present from wife Lesley, he lowered his previous year’s times by 2 seconds and 5 seconds respectively, seeing off the ranked favourites in both events.

Chris then picked up a third gold in the 4x100m freestyle relay with team mates Graeme Atherton, Russ Mason and Trevor Eland, to end a run of two consecutive 2nd place finishes in this event and give the Dolphins their first ever National Masters team title.

With silver in the 400m freestyle, bronze in the 100m backstroke and two further relay team silver medals in the 4x100m and 4x50m medley relays, there wasn’t much room in the car boot for the Rix’s family luggage on the return journey to Warrington.

Despite an excellent 2nd place finish in the 100m fly, Trevor Eland managed to make the headlines for all the wrong reasons, producing a different kind of double. Two disqualifications for the same infringement (movement on the blocks) at the same swim meet, has to be even rarer than a double title defence! Thankfully, 4x100m freestyle relay swim order rearrangements were already in place and a potential catastrophe (and possible team bust-up) averted.

Other individual medal winning performances included Russ Mason (100m breaststroke 2nd, 100m IM 3rd and 100m freestyle 3rd) and Graeme Atherton (50m fly 3rd) with both swimmers producing some masters personal-best times.

Not amongst the individual medals but with top ten finishes were Paul Frith (200m freestyle 5th, 400m freestyle 7th and 100m fly 10th), Phil Woods (400m freestyle 8th and 200m breaststroke 9th) and Andy Bennett (100m freestyle 8th and 100m IM 10th). Paul and Phil both picked up silver in the 4x50m medley relay whilst Andy wasn’t eligible for any team races after pressing the wrong button on his computer!

With his appetite for the endurance races, it was business as usual for adopted Dolphin Mark Jones (Everton SC) who managed to take all three gold medals in the distance freestyle events.

Graeme Atherton (40/44yrs):
50m fly 3rd 27.22 / 100m fly 4th 1:02.03 / 50m free 7th 25.64 / 100m free 8th 57.86.

Andrew Bennett (50/54yrs):
100m free 8th 1:02.64 / 100m IM 10th 1:14.24 / 50m back 11th 35.43 / 50m free 11th 28.01.

Trevor Eland (35/39yrs):
100m fly 2nd 1:00.65 / 50m free 4th 24.92 / 50m fly DQ / 100m free DQ.

Paul Frith (40/44yrs):
200m free 5th 2:10.62 / 400m free 7th 4:37.44 / 100m fly 10th 1:05.63 / 100m free 12th 58.01.

Russ Mason (50/54yrs):
100m breast 2nd 1:14.19 / 100m IM 3rd 1:05.99 / 100m free 3rd 59.46 / 50m breast 4th 34.08 / 50m fly 6th 29.45 / 50m free 7th 26.98

Chris Rix (35/39yrs):
200m free 1st 2:00.21 / 200m back 1st 2:11.02 / 400m free 2nd 4:22.09 / 100m back 3rd 1:01.53

Phil Woods (35/39yrs):
400 free 8th 4:48.31 / 200m breast 9th 2:47.77 / 100m breast 11th 1:16.56 / 100m fly 16th 1:09.34

4x50m medley team (160/199yrs):
2nd 1:58.19 (Rix 29.13 / Mason 33.16 / Woods 29.61 / Frith 26.29)

4x100m freestyle team (160/199yrs):
1st 3:46.12 (Atherton 56.87 / Mason 59.34 / Rix 55.27 / Eland 54.64)

4x100m medley team (160/199yrs):
2nd 4:09.83 (Rix 1:01.06 / Mason 1:13.38 / Atherton 1:00.99 / Eland 54.64)

Mark Jones (Everton) (55/59yrs):
400m free 1st 4:46.60 / 800m free 1st 9:53.30 / 1500m free 1st 18:46.09 / 200m fly 2nd 2:49.50 / 200m free 3rd 2:17.14 / 400m IM 3rd 5:43.58 / 200m IM 5th 2:41.99 / 200m breast 5th 3:01.95 / 200m back 5th 2:45.65

NorthWest Masters Sprint Meet (July 2015)

Seven Dolphins swimmers competed in this year’s event at Blackpool, collecting several gold medals between them.

Pick of the bunch was Graeme Atherton who was in record breaking form in both the 50m and 100m fly.

Russ Mason also delivered two new records in the 50m back and 50m breast whilst Trevor Eland smashed his own 50m free record by an amazing 0.02 seconds.

It was business as usual for Graham Padgett with 4 gold medal swims in the 400m free, 200m free, 200m back and 200m IM whilst Paul Frith and Gerry Kelleher won 2 each, Paul’s in the 400m and 200m free and Gerry’s in the 50m fly and 50m free events.

Debutant Andrew Bennett had a successful first outing with gold in the 100m IM and a couple of silvers in the two sprint freestyle events.

Both 4x50m medley and freestyle relay events were won quite comfortably – indeed so big was the lead after 2 legs of the freestyle event that Paul Frith decided to experiment with excessive dolphin kicking and Trevor Eland thought he’d offer the chasing pack a glimmer of hope by wriggling worm-like out of the final turn into a static start 25m sprint.

Total Medals: Gold = 18 / Silver = 9 / Bronze = 1

Graeme Atherton (40/44yrs):
50m fly 1st 27.69(NWR) / 100m fly 1st 1:02.01(NWR/CR).

Andrew Bennett (50/54yrs):
50m free 2nd 28.12 / 50m breast 3rd 39.59 / 100m IM 1st 1:15.04 / 100m free 2nd 1:02.70.

Trevor Eland (35/39yrs):
50m fly 1st 27.40 / 50m free 2nd 25.08(NWR) / 50m back 1st 29.73.

Paul Frith (40/44yrs):
50m fly 2nd 29.64 / 100m fly 2nd 1:07.98 / 200m free 1st 2:11.96 / 400m free 1st 4:40.83.

Gerry Kelleher (55/59yrs):
50m fly 1st 34.15 / 50m free 1st 32.05.

Russ Mason (50/54yrs):
50m fly 2nd 30.08 / 50m back 1st 32.27(NWR/CR) / 50m breast 1st 33.76(NWR/CR) / 100m fly 2nd 1:09.34 / 100m free 1st 1:00.02.

Graham Padgett (65/69yrs):
100m breast 2nd 1:35.25 / 200m back 1st 3:19.31 / 200m breast 2nd 3:26.24 / 200m free 1st 2:40.62 / 200m IM 1st 2:40.62 / 400m free 1st 5:36.51

4x50m medley team (160/199yrs):
1st 1:58.83 (Eland 30.19 / Mason 34.28 / Atherton 27.80 / Frith 27.60)

4x50m freestyle team (160/199yrs):
1st 1:47.14 (Atherton 26.06 / Bennett 27.95 / Frith 28.02 / Eland 25.11)

Mark Jones (Everton) (55/59yrs):
100m fly 1st 1:28.93 / 100m back 2nd 1:21.99(NWR) / 100m breast 1st 1:29.41 / 100m free 1st 1:11.77 / 100m IM 1st 1:22.08 / 200m fly 1st 3:04.27(NWR) / 200m back 2nd 2:55.07(NWR) / 200m breast 2nd 3:13.13 / 200m free 1st 2:24.59(NWR/CR) / 200m IM 1st 2:53.08(NWR/CR) / 400m free 1st 5:00.04(NWR/CR)