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5 Common Stroke Flaws and Drills to Correct Them

A useful article about common flaws in front crawl technique and drills you can try to correct them.

Article kindly provided by www.swimsmooth.com

Establishing Your Cruise Interval

To get the most from their pool training swimmers should establish their cruise interval.

The attachment below will (hopefully) explain what this means.

A method of establishing your own cruise interval would be:

2. Swim 1000m, broken at 100m for 10s, for the fastest pace you can consistently maintain.
3. Record Total Time
4. Add 10s to the total and divide it by 10
5. Round the result to the nearest 5s to give your cruise interval for 100m repeats.

Multiples of this time can also be used for sets containing longer or shorter distances.

Sighting in Open Water

One of the biggest problems swimming front crawl in open water is seeing where you are going and swimming a straight course (just ask Chris Carter).

A good balanced technique will help you swim in a straight line but you still need to look where you are going.

You need to develop a technique that allows you to lift your head every 6 to 12 strokes to see where you are going without losing too much forward speed. The attached video includes some useful techniques to try.

Training Programs

These training programs can be downloaded for your own training or as templates for coaching club sessions.

The distances and times stated are for our faster lanes and may need to be adjusted up or down to suit your own ability.

Training Table

By clicking below you will see a table that allows you to predict distance times and the lengths you should swim in the postal swim, all from a 100m time. Have a look

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