Blue Hoody

A sample Hoody has been obtained. They are embroidered as the Polo Shirts with the club badge and web address (on the sleeve).

Orders are now being taken. Delivery is around a week.

Price £25.00

Bone China Mugs

We still have a supply of China Mugs which were purchased to celebrate our 40th.

To purchase one see Andy. (Price £4)

Club Caps

A batch of caps (silicone and latex) have been obtained in various colours. They have the Club badge printed on both sides.

See Caroline for further details

History Booklets

You can obtain your copy of the Dolphins first 40 years from Andy (£1.00)

Polo Shirts

A batch of Slazenger new blue polo shirts has been received. They went on sale at the Budworth Handicap. We have a small stock of S, M, L and XL.

The shirts are priced at £20.00