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Boxing Day Dip

This festive Club event is actually a race. It is approximately 60m long. This is an ideal event to get that Christmas Turkey out of your system. It is held at Budworth Sailing Club on Boxing Day morning, 10am meet.
See below for reports and results.

Boxing Day Photos

Budworth Handicap

Budworth Handicap is held around the second week in May. It is the first Open Water Event of the Year.

Results and Report to follow

Thanks to Budworth SC as well as club members and friends who officiated and provided safety support.

Christmas Handicap

Probably the most popular of the Club's indoor events. Traditionally it is held on the last Sunday before Christmas. The handicap is a mile (1600m 64 lengths).

Dick Dickinson & Bob Keating handicaps

A change in both venue and timing of this event saw 9 swimmers competing for the Bob Keating handicap trophy.
The predicted times were all incredibly accurate, and (better still) actual time minus predicted time averaged considerably less than zero !
Some excellent swims and some great predictions, but there was no-one who could compete with Steve Eliot's amazing accuracy, Steve being absolutely spot on with his predicted time !
Well done all.

Full Results Below

Marbury Handicap

Event History

Traditionally held on the evening of Warrington Walking Day at Marbury outdoor pool. This one mile handicap, for Dolphins Members only, has become one of the most popular club events. The swim is usually followed by a visit to a local pub for a presentation and buffet.
See Reports and Results below.